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Functioning Of The Organization

Welcome to VSJC
The Valuation Experts

At VSJC, we provide timely and reliable valuation services to empower your business executions. Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to delivering precise valuation appraisals, enriched with real market insights that enhance value and ensure reliability. We are committed to fostering informed financial decisions, making us the preferred partner for all your valuation needs. Whether you're a startup navigating initial compliance or a restructuring company handling complex deals, trust VSJC to cover it all.

We value Everything!

VSJC is an IBBI-approved valuation entity dedicated to providing comprehensive valuation services across all asset classes.

Experience Legacy!

Since 1995, VSJC has established a legacy in shaping valuation processes that meet international standards. Our extensive empanelment's with numerous statutory authorities stand as a testament to our robust and reliable delivery processes.


Diversified Valuation Practice

At VSJC, we proudly serve clients across a spectrum of industries, from automotive to aviation and from manufacturing to maritime. Our extensive experience underscores our capability to handle a diverse range of assets with precision and expertise.

Delivery Capabilities!

Our team comprises hundreds of valuation experts from diverse backgrounds, strategically located across India. This extensive network has solidified our reputation as the preferred service provider for partners worldwide, demonstrating our unparalleled capability to deliver at scale.


Valuation Excellence!

With over 250,000 valuation assignments, VSJC stands as a beacon of trust and excellence. We've appraised assets exceeding a staggering INR 3,000 billion, covering more than 50 industries, showcasing our versatility and depth of expertise.

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Our Domain Expertise

Our Team!

At the heart of our Customer satisfaction lies our steadfast commitment to reliable valuation advice. We build our team with industry veterans who bring not only domain expertise but also a deep understanding of the sectors we serve. It's this combination of knowledge and experience that forms the core values we thrive on.

Get Complimentary Valuation Advice

Have questions about valuation or our related services? Our knowledgeable team is eager to assist you and provide the guidance you need for a head start. Don't hesitate to react out - we're here to help!

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    Explore valuable insights & news coverage from the forefront of valuation, curated by our experience and industry acumen. Please note, all content is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional advice.